The website is here to be a showcase for some of my own work, and that of good friends of mine. There is a vast array of work of many different kinds, and I’m confident you’ll appreciate them, and find many of interest.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about any of the work, or that of the other photographers. All images are for sale as fine art prints, at any size. Just go to Purchase to see prices, etc. and how to place an order, or make an enquiry.

For most of my life I have enjoyed a career as a professional photographer working within many fields. I have worked mostly for design companies and advertising agencies, in other words, to a deadline and more relevantly, to a brief.

Nowadays I find myself following my own path, and being influenced by many different aspects from the whole of the visual art world.

Landscape photography has inevitable limitations in its attempt to portray in two dimensions that which one sees in three, with a constantly moving eye. I have been attempting to avoid the more conventional structure of landscape photography, and move towards a two dimensional portrayal, with the occasional inclusion of the abstract or abstraction.

I strive for striking images, well composed within the frame.